We're working to strengthen the Bay Area's regional ability to rapidly dispense medication or vaccine during a disease or bioterrorism event.


Since the 2001 anthrax attacks, the federal government has asked all the health departments in the United States to make a plan that is fast and safe to give medicine to people in their health area. This medicine may keep people from getting sick. Giving medicine to a lot of people to stop illness is called mass prophylaxis. Points of Dispensing sites or PODs is where people can go to get medicine or a shot in a health emergency.

 Around 7.4 million people live in the Bay Area, in 101 cities, and 7,000 square miles. Bay Area Emergency Planners have been getting together since 2004 to make sure that we are ready with a plan. The faster we safely get medicine to people, the more lives that we can save.

 This website is for two groups of people. The first wants to get medicine. The second wants to help and work in our PODs.

 By working with each other, the Bay Area Mass Prophylaxis Working Group has thought about the differences of the Bay Area in how we talk and where we come from. We have planned for the many ways that we talk and different ways that we live. We have thought about the day laborer in Sonoma County and the businessman, who has a job in Alameda County, and lives in Solano County.


If you want medicine, go to the get medicine part of this site. If you want to help, then do the 4 basic training modules. You can also sign up as a medical or non-medical helper for your county on the Disaster Healthcare Volunteers.

An emergency can take place at any time. Getting trained or joining as a helper before it does will help us all to take the right action to emergencies anywhere at any time.

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Who is part of the Bay Area Mass Prophylaxis Working Group (BAMPWG)?
BAMPWG consists of planners from
Planners from this group have collaborated on the creation of the trainings and resources offered on this site.  Click one of the tabs above to get started.